About Us

Brighten’s primary role is to help clients restructure and reorganize their existing business to reduce costs or to enhance returns. Our secondary role is to identify unique ( and mostly strategic ) investment opportunities for our clients.

We are presently a proprietary trading platform looking for unique opportunities in non – traditional risk exposures. We are looking to take risk positions in connection with providing solutions to partners to build long term relationships. Solutions include risk protection, yield enhancement, cost reduction, hedging, and financing.

Our partners include ultra – high net worth individuals, family offices, private banks, securities firms, asset managers, fund managers, commercial banks, crowd funding / lending platforms and other financial institutions.

We are not confined to any part of the capital structure, any instrument or any underlying asset. We can engage in equities, debt, commodities, trusts, funds, hybrids, derivatives, securitization, etc.

We are currently looking for partners of our consumer finance portfolio, our holdings in Hong Kong listed companies and potential Pre – IPO opportunities. We are completely flexible on the form of any such partnership and welcome any inquiries.

The Firm

Brighten Management a subsidiary of a Hong Kong listed, was established to provide clients seeking unconventional source of investments. Our goal is to simplify an increasingly complex private asset class through innovative and sophisticated approaches drawn from years of experience and knowledge of the financial markets.

Creative Ideas

Global Vision

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